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Neural Fascial Prolotherapy


Neural Fascial Prolotherapy decreases the inflammation of nerves that supply the joints that are causing pain. This treatment involves the injection of dextrose into the subcutaneous tissues to induce healing. This is contrasted to traditional Dextrose or PRP Prolotherapy whereby Prolotherapy solutions are injected into ligament and tendon attachments onto bone (fibro-osseous junction injections).


Dextrose is a potent TRPV-1 receptor antagonist that causes down regulation of several pro-inflammatory mediators such as Substance P, CGRP and glutamate. These TRPV-1 receptors are found in abundance in our subcutaneous sensory nerves and seem to be at least part of the reason our chronic pain conditions remain so chronic. Until the use of low-dose near-nerve dextrose injections, we did not have an effective way of helping these superficial nerves to heal. Studies show that if these painfully inflamed nerves are treated with several injections of low-dose dextrose, these nerves will heal and the result is healing of the damaged tissue where the nerves end.

During this treatment, small amounts of low dose dextrose are injected just under the skin overlying the painful joint. If afftected nerves are working properly, positive growth factors are transported up and down the length of the nerve signaling and controlling the healing mechanism. If these nerves are injured, entrapped, swollen or cut, this will block the flow of these growth factors and potentially impede healing. This may be an important factor in successful healing that has been ignored by modern orthopedics up until now. And paying attention to the superficial sensory nervous system may help explain why there is such a poor rate of healing of soft tissue injuries that leads to the chronic pain that plaguing so many of our patients.

Conditions that can be treated :
•Degenerative joint disease
•Ligament Sprain
•Neurogenic pain
•Chronic musculoskeletal pain
•Degenerative disc disease


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