Office Sterilization Amidst COVID-19 at Truong Rehabilitation Center

For your protection. as well as the safety of our staff and patients we have implemented several new protocols during the Corona virus outbreak. We are doing everything within our ability to minimize the risk of unnecessary exposure and reduce the burden to our healthcare community.

As part of our commitment to excellence in patient care. Truong Rehabilitation Center has taken numerous actions to protect our patients, staff, and loved ones.

Patients permitted to be seen in the office will be provided a mask or will be required to wear a mask. All staff are required to wear a mask when seeing patients. We have developed on line appointment request which will allow for efficient new patient registration and scheduling along with text and email alert . Every patient will be screen for temperature and complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire prior to their appointment .

We offer the choice of in person or virtual visits. We now have HIPAA compliant Tele -medicine visits available for appropriate appointments.

In certain circumstances you may see our staff wearing protective equipment such as isolation gowns and protective eyewear and face shields, do not be concerned, these are necessary precaution to protect patient and staff.

Employees are screen for temperature checks every workday, in addition to screening for any symptoms similar to COVID-19.

Ongoing staff education training and strong protocol reinforcement to keep the office clean and disinfected.

The office and exam rooms are clean after every patient. The disinfectant we use is effective against bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV2) within 10 seconds . All medical equipment such as blood pressure cuff, are properly cleaned and disinfected after every patient. Exam rooms including door handles are properly clean after every patient.

Every room has a medical grade HEPA filter as well as the waiting room.

The entire is disinfected with a professional grade ozone generator at night time when no one is in the office.

There is a reduced number of chairs in the waiting room for social distancing, all magazines and share item has been removed.

Truong Rehabilitation Center will continue to stay informed and knowledgeable on COVID-19 updates on local, state, and national level .

Our priority will be to protect our patients, our staff, and our community during this COVID-19 pandemic.

More COVID-19 Resources: HERE

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