Medical Massage Therapy decreases muscular pain. It is useful for painful muscles, post-exercise soreness, tingling in arms and legs, pain in or restriction of joints, injury prevention, fluid retention, muscle contractures and postural problems.

Medical Massage Therapy is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance function, reduce pain, and promote relaxation and well-being. It also decreases muscle tension, increases circulation and calms the nervous system.

Target tissues may include:

  • Joints

  • Ligaments

  • Lymphatic vessels

  • Muscles

  • Organs of the gastrointestinal system

  • Other connective tissues

  • Skin

  • Tendons

Medical Massage Therapy releases muscle and scar adhesions. It promotes accelerated muscle and soft tissue healing and vascularization.

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Deep Oscillation Therapy

Deep Oscillation Therapy relieves pain in muscles and joints by reducing inflammation and swelling.

Deep Oscillation of the treated tissues is unique in that it penetrates more deeply into body tissue than traditional manual methods thus allowing previously ‘untreatable’ injuries to be manipulated with the minimum of physical pressure. Electrostatic waves create a ‘kneading’ effect deep within the damaged tissues, restoring flexibility and blood supply to the affected areas.

Deep Oscillation helps stimulate local immunity. During treatment, inflammation mediators are released, and the body’s own local defensive functions are enhanced. This therapy, therefore, has a highly significant anti-inflammatory effect and helps to speed up and improve the body’s natural wound-healing processes. The edema-reducing and anti-inflammatory effects of the treatments greatly improve local metabolic elimination and alimentation in all the layers of tissue and thus accelerate tissue renewal and repair.

The mechanical activation assists interstitial drainage. In chronic conditions, the treatment helps to disperse fibrosis and hardening of the tissue which significantly accelerates the breakdown of local edema and inflammation. It helps to quickly and effectively dissolve sticky fascia and hardened tissue and improves the ability for movement.

Deep Oscillation Therapy has a substantial pain-soothing and de-stressing effect and therefore makes the patient feel fully relaxed and comfortable. It is known for its rapid, muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving effects and its direct effect on micro-trauma (muscle aches & pains). Deep Oscillation Therapy is a proven way to help recover fitness or former mobility in what could be a considerably shorter time than with traditional massage.

Prologel Ultrasound

Prologel Ultrasound decreases swelling and pain in soft tissue.

Prologel is an advanced medical cream which contains a special formulation of lecithin and Cetyl myristoleate, aloe vera and MSM which are known pain relievers. It is delivered to the painful site by using heat ultrasound for deep penetration. The solution is introduced into an injury site to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism and to provide relief from acute and chronic pain.

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