Prostate Cancer Surgery, also known as radical prostatectomy, can treat prostate cancer by removing the prostate gland. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to gain and maintain an erection, is a common side effect that may last for up to two years.

At Truong Rehabilitation Center, we offer Penile Rehabilitation after Prostate Cancer Surgery to address erectile dysfunction. The numerous protocols used may include a vacuum constriction device or PDE-5 inhibitor medications and the Priapus Shot (P Shot).

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What is Prostate Cancer Surgery?

Radical prostatectomy is a surgical procedure used to treat cancer located solely in the prostate. The procedure removes the prostate gland and may also remove nearby tissues like the seminal vesicles. Your ejaculation after Prostate Cancer Surgery is also affected, as the surgery will cease your ability to produce semen (known as a dry orgasm).

Post-prostatectomy ED may occur due to:

  • Nerve Damage in the Penis

  • Tissue Alterations within the Penis’ Corpus Cavernosum

  • Impairment of Blood Flow to the Penis from Accessory Pudendal Artery Disruption (Non-typical Blood Vessels that Men can Have)

  • Venous Leakage, Which can Occur when a Lack of Erections Weakens your Penis’ Ability to Contain Blood

What is Penile Rehabilitation after Prostate Cancer Surgery?

The goal of Penile Rehabilitation is to help manage, minimize, and overturn ED that may occur due to surgery for prostate cancer. The protocols used in your Penile Rehabilitation may be therapeutic or medical in nature.

Your Penile Rehabilitation

Dr. Truong will discuss with you the various protocols that might make up your Penile Rehabilitation in further detail. Some protocols may include:

  • Physical Exercise to Stimulate the Penis and Aid Recovery

  • Sexual Therapy (Like Therapeutic Masturbation and Intimacy with your Partner) to Aid Recovery

  • Vibration Therapy to Trigger Nerves Needed for Erections

  • Vacuum Constriction Device (Worn on the Penis) to Aid Blood Flow and Prevent Fibrosis

  • Oral PDE-5 Inhibitors to Protect the Blood Vessel Linings in the Corpus Cavernosum

  • Prostaglandin E1 Injections to Help the Blood Vessels Dilate

  • Priapus Shot (P Shot), Using your Own Blood, the Platelets, to Improve Blood Flow to the Penile Tissues.

Dr. Truong will also discuss with you how long your Penile Rehabilitation may las and the dosing needed for applicable protocols. He will also let you know whether or not a penile implant (to help develop erection) is necessary.

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