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Just wanted to share a success story

Using the MedFit weightloss program I have lost 22 pounds (205 down to 183) and I combined my weight loss with an exercise program.

On 10 Sept I participated in the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics and won 2 gold medals and two silver. I won the 800 m run and 1600 m run and got 2nd in the 400 m run. I also took 2nd in the 2000 meter ergonomic rowing. (70 - 74 Age group)

I could not have done it without your help!

Thank you Dr Troung!

- Mike McCormick

Three days after my penile enlargement, my girlfriend noticed better sensation during sex. I’m very happy with my procedure.

- J.B

I’m in 78 and have not been able to have sex with my wife for 17 years. After I had the P Shot, shock wave, and testosterone pellets, within 6-8 weeks we can have sex and our relationship have never been closer. Dr. Truong is a miracle worker.

- M.O

I’m 46 y.o I have been divorced for 4 years. I recently got a girlfriend, she is 10 years younger and super hot. She likes to have sex every day, but I please her half the time. I was ashamed, disappointed and hopeless, I couldn’t please her. I was desperate and even consider breaking up with her to avoid my guilt. I didn’t feel like a man anymore. Medications weren’t working. I went to Dr. Anne as the last resort. With her treatments, within 4 weeks I was able to get a firm erection again. Dr. Anne is a god sent

- M.M

I had 15 years with ED, tried Viagra,Trimix, I had to stop to do the injection. It was a pain. I got the P Shot and Shockwave , and I went from devastated to inspired. I can now have spontaneous erection again. I didn’t want to lose my manhood and I am so thankful for Dr. Truong. If you have ED, you must come to see her to get treated.

- O.S

My wife was facing total shoulder replacement surgery.She is 69 and unable to sleep with shoulder pain.Little cartilage in her shoulder.A doctor friend told us about this alternative.My wife has had fantastic results with PRP Therapy augmented with stem cells(extracted from her hip) followed by Physical Therapy.She was treated at The Truong Rehabilitation Center, Dr.Anne Truong, MD, in Fredericksburg.Medicare doesn 't cover. Cost was $3,000 for the complete treatment. Highly recommend it.


My knee pain started about 3 years ago and I continued playing tennis and being active. I started taking pain medication and wrapping my knee so then I could continue with my daily activities. The next step was a visit to an orthopedic doctor who recommended a series of treatments: physical therapy, cortisone shots, gel shots of which brought only temporary relief. In January of 2016 my knee pain got worse to the point it was difficult to walk, stand and sleep. A friend recommended I see his doctor, Dr. Truong, so in March of 2016, I made my first appointment with her. Dr. Truong recommended her PRP treatment for my knee pain and at that visit I agreed to try it. She made me feel as if I was more of a person and not just a paying customer, she was thorough in her approach to finding where my pain was directly and in fact was wondering how I was even able to walk after looking at my knee through ultrasound. I have gone through and completed my treatments and physical therapy phases, and I honestly say, I have not had any pain in my knee since seeing undergoing treatment with Dr .Truong. PRP really works, and my results have been amazing! I am so glad I decided to try the PRP method, I can walk, stand, sleep without knee pain.


I am 63 years old and I have never been to a doctor’s office that can match your patient relations or friendly treatment. I have been to your office about two dozen times and I am either treated earlier than my appointment time, or right on time without fail. That has never happened to me before. The receptionists out front are courteous and efficient and always make me feel welcome and comfortable. The clinical staff is courteous and calming. I have recommended your services to friends and acquaintances and I will continue to do so. Thank you, doctor’s visits are stressful by nature but your patient management seriously reduces the anxiety normally associated with a doctor visit.


I have been diagnosed with a severe neurological problem that has caused me a great deal of pain for almost ten years.I started coming to Dr.Truong 's office and immediately knew that I was in the right place. I primarily see her physician assistant, Stephanie, who takes the time to listen to me. I never feel like my time is rushed. After several weeks of treatments, I was already feeling less pain in my back. Even though I know that I will always have pain, I feel that they have spent the time to educate me on why I have pain and what types of treatments are available to improve this specific type of pain. I will continue to come to this office for any other pains that I have because I know that they care!


The staff here are all wonderful! A year ago, I could barely walk and was told after back surgery, that there was nothing else that could be done other than more surgery or pain medication. Since I started coming here, I can walk, sit, and bend over with almost no pain. My back was so tight I was hunched over, and now I can stand up straight! Stephanie (the PA), Dr. Truong, and Dr. Ward have given me my life back!

- B.C.

In March 2001, I was injured while working in a nursing home. I instantly knew I seriously hurt my back. I was in such pain, I went to the hospital, only to be told I had pulled a muscle, and was put on Percocet and muscle relaxers. I went to many doctors and had many tests done. I finally had surgery in 2002. After 5 days in the hospital, I was sent home with more prescriptions in hand. I took the medications for over 2 years, until I was told there was nothing that could be done. In 2004 I came to to Dr. Truong, she listened to everything from my surgeries to my medications. She immediately changed my medications and started trigger point injections and acupuncture. Instantly, through the course of injections and new medication, I was having some relief, and before long I could tolerate the pain. She saved my life by knowing where the pain is and what to do for it.


I had a hemorrhagic bleed stroke when I was 38 years old, which left me paralized on my right side. I started therapy and things were looking up, except for my right arm which I kept tight against my torso; until the pain started to grow. I was referred to Dr. Truong who told me I had a frozen shoulder from holding it still for 12 years. We started trigger point injections in 2010. 7 months later I have improved my range of motion greatly. Anyone who has had a stroke, or an injury that causes extreme pain, there is help. I found it, so will you!


After 5 years of visiting doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Truong Rehab has finally given me relief for my chronic headaches, neck and shoulder pain.


Dr. Truong has taken me from a 25-year history of chronic back pain - and from a crippling bout with sciatica when I met her just under 2 years ago, to a vast reduction in pain, freeing me from both the crippling nature of my pain but also the disabling depression that often accompanies it. I now have an expectation that I can be pain free, and that is priceless! Thank you Dr. Truong! p.s., I also appreciate the fact that you are the "Dr. Phil" of rehabilitative medicine, telling me like it is when I strap on an extra 20 pounds...


I had scheduled surgery for my knee as I cannot walk without pain and my knee would buckle. I went to see Dr. Truong for a second opinion as she had helped me in the past. She treated my knee with Platelet Rich Plasma . My pain improved 99% within a month. I cancelled my surgery, now I can fish and walk without pain. I highly recommend Dr. Truong, she is the best doctor I have ever met. I had referred friends and family to her and they all got better.


About 17 years ago I broke my ankle sledding. It required surgery with metal screws and plates which I had removed months after the initial surgery. Several years ago I was having lots of ankle pain mainly at night. My doctor told me the only way to eliminate the pain was to fuse my ankle. This was not an option for me. Searching the internet for a doctor that has had a lot of experience with stem cells, I found Dr. Anne Troung. We met and scheduled a time to start the procedure - injecting my bone, fat, and blood stem cell into my ankle. It has been over a year since this was done and it has made me feel so much younger as I run, ski, work and play with my yellow lab. Forgot to mention that I am in my seventies with a younger ankle. Yes, there are other doctors that have entered the stem cell field that are closer to my home, but none have the experience of Dr. Truong. Her office is an hour drive for me and it was well worth it. Give her office a call to set up an appointment. Your cost will be your insurance copay.


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