What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a pain-free, instrument aided, soft tissue mobilization technique in which a tool is scraped over the skin to remove blood stagnation in the surface tissues of the skin. By disturbing the surface of the skin, stagnant blood is brought to the surface and new nourished blood is directed to the deeper tissues of the body including muscle tissue and fascia. Gua sha helps to decrease pain, and increase movement and flexibility in muscle tissue. Gua sha originated in eastern and southeastern Asia and has been used for centuries as a home remedy to treat everything from fevers and headaches to body aches and pains.

When is Gua Sha Used?

Gua sha is very effective in helping to break up muscle adhesions and trigger points, especially chronic issues and older injuries. The technique is a powerful detoxifier as it stimulates circulation especially in injured areas and along acupuncture meridians.

Gua Sha Markings

When a therapist uses a gua sha tool on an area of discomfort, redness and petechiae (little red markings on skin) form to signify a blockage in circulation. Normal skin reactions from gua sha can vary from slight redness to deeper maroon striping depending on the level of blockage in the tissue where the treatment was applied. These markings can last from three to seven days following treatment.

If you are interested in adding gua sha to a massage treatment, ask one of our therapists or the physician if it is right for you.

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