The modern man can enjoy an extraordinary life of pleasure, intimacy, connection, confidence, and vitality — to please your partner, revitalize your relationship, and enrich your life at any age.

The Multi-Modality Approach to Sexual Performance helps men with erectile dysfunction increase their sexual performance and restore their natural erection, putting them in control of their sexual health without relying on medication that masks the symptoms rather than treating the real cause.

Erectile dysfunction isn’t a minor annoyance or frivolous problem — it’s a multi-systemic health concern affecting the majority of men at some point in their life. Including more than one in four men under the age of 40.

Our society’s perception of ED as something that’s shameful and weak harms millions of men and their partners. Many men don’t even realize they have ED, because so few people talk about it. That means they don’t seek treatment and the cause of their ED slowly worsens, often developing into potentially deadly diseases — like heart disease, diabetes or stroke.

Those brave enough to ask for help from their doctor are routinely let down by healthcare professionals who minimize sexual dysfunction and dismiss patients with a prescription for viagra at best, despite research that shows oral ED medications are not effective for around 40% of men. And that effectiveness wanes over time in the men who do find initial benefits.

But more than that — those pills are not a cure and they do nothing to address the underlying cause of ED so it can be treated and reversed. While meds like Viagra hide the symptoms and become a crutch — the real cause goes unnoticed, getting worse until the drugs stop working.

ED treatment is much more successful when started earlier and it’s absolutely possible to reverse ED with the right treatment plan and lifestyle. More men deserve this care and I’m passionate about ensuring mainstream healthcare prioritize sexual health and wellbeing as the vital aspect of medicine that it is.

We have a unique opportunity to help reduce the number of unnecessary deaths from heart disease, the number one killer of men. ED is a warning light, letting men know that something more serious may be going on — they just don’t know that.

Arteries in the penis are significantly narrower than those near the heart, which is why heart disease and other dangerous conditions related to vasculature show up as ED first. By treating ED you help to boost overall health, and even slow down or prevent fatal diseases from developing further.

You’d think one of the most consistent warning signs for the deadliest disease in America would get some more attention from the healthcare industry. We have a way to detect millions of men who are high-risk for one of our biggest killers… yet so many men are ignored or neglected.

That’s why I developed the Multi-Modality Approach to Sexual Performance — a unique, proven protocol that treats ED suffers as a whole person, investigating all six systems involved in the creation of an erection, and then treating the root cause so men can see real results that give them back the ability to have a strong, natural erection when they want to, not when their little blue pill kicks in.

In reality, sex isn’t just one of the most human experiences we ever have. It’s not just a beautiful expression of love, a fun way to exercise and feel good, or the act that allows us to create new life… sex is also one of the best things we can do to take care of our bodies and boost our overall physical and emotional health and wellbeing help us live our best, healthiest lives.

Society says sex can only be spoken about if we’re making a crude joke in a movie, mocking male sexual dysfunction on a sitcom, sensationalizing it in glossy teen soaps on The CW and Netflix, or engaging in testosterone-fueled locker room bragging with the boys that conveniently forgets that statistically a significant percentage of men in the room are likely to experience ED themselves. And many will do so long before aging becomes an issue with more than one in four men under 40 experiencing ED.

You know what our society approved sex representations all have in common? Not one of them even come close to illustrating the truth about sex and sexual wellbeing.

This attitude has led to a country where 40% of men don’t feel they can talk to their partner about the sexual performance issues they’re experiencing, 75% of men with diagnosed ED don’t receive treatment, and 90% of men who want penile enlargement already have a normal sized penis.

It’s not good enough. Men and their partners deserve better. And I’m committed to making change happen for them.

It’s a great injustice that so many people are left without the help they need just because people are embarrassed to respectfully discuss one of the most common human experiences.

It’s the reason why in addition to providing private treatment with the Multi-Modality Approach at Truong Rehabilitation Center, I also speak and teach internationally. By providing expert training in the latest proven ED treatments for other physicians and sharing the truth about men’s pleasure and sexual health — so more men have the education and information they need to make the right decisions for their care — I’m working to smash the stigma and ensure men everywhere can access effective, respectful healthcare for intimate health conditions.

Sex talk doesn’t have to be dirty. Let’s get talking, smash the stigma, and transform healthcare for sexual performance.

Dr. Anne Truong

Intimate Health MD and Expert In ED Reversal 

If you’re one of the millions of men still searching for a real solution to erectile dysfunction — or uncertain whether or not you have ED — the first step is our Sexual Performance Assessment.

The clinical questionnaire will help you understand whether you have ED and if so how severe it may be. You’ll discover what that means for you and how our Multi-Modality Approach could help you move towards Sexual Performance Mastery, no matter what your score is right now.


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