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Porn and ED: What’s the Real Connection?

For many years, there has been an ongoing debate and research into the relationship between Internet porn and Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED) suggests that frequent consumption of pornography may lead to difficulties in achieving and maintaining an erection during real-life sexual encounters. But how true is this? Let’s delve into the available studies to unpack this complex issue.

Porn Addiction and ED An Action Plan for Moving Beyond Pornography

Porn Addiction and ED: An Action Plan for Moving Beyond Pornography

Watching pornography can be a normal part of a healthy sex life and shall not be accompanied by feelings of guilt or shame. However, if you find that your watching habits are becoming excessive, this could be indicative of an addiction to porn. Although this behavior may seem innocuous, if left unchecked porn addiction can have a negative impact on one’s home life, work life, and personal relationships. In this episode, Roman Mironov a coach trained by a Tony Robbins’ program and been porn-free for 8+ years, will share his strategy and motivation to help people do the same. We’re gonna hear about his journey on how he did it, so stay tuned.

How Porn is Robbing You of Your Erection cover

How Porn is Robbing You of Your Erection

Ever wonder why porn is so darn addicting? As innocent as you may think it is, there’s a possibility that it may be affecting your performance in bed and in life. Eric Zuzack (Powerful Eric) is a recovered porn addict and life coach.


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