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The Link Between Your Heart Health and ED cover

The Link Between Your Heart Health and ED

There are some shocking reasons why someone might have erectile dysfunction. While the main reason for erectile dysfunction is insufficient blood flow to the penis, other things happening in the body can affect how your blood flows and how your muscles respond to stimuli. Over the next few episodes, we’ll review each reason and find ways to combat them so you can reclaim your sex life. I’ll give you a hint for today: have you checked your cholesterol levels recently?

How To Get Your Wife To Want You For Sex!! cover

How To Get Your Wife To Want You For Sex!!

Are you looking for an effective way to improve your relationship and make your wife crave for your touch? A lot of men struggle with getting their wives or partners to have sex with them. But don’t worry about it anymore. Susan Bratton is here to provide you with amazing tips to get your partner in the mood for sex. Susan is a champion and advocate for all those who desire intimacy and passion their whole life long.

treat ED naturally

Natural Treatment For ED with Dr. Tracy Gapin MD

Are you looking for a natural treatment for ED? There are a number of different treatments available, but many of them come with unwanted side effects. In this video, I’m joined by Dr. Tracy Gapin, urologist and board-certified urologist, world-renowned men’s health & performance expert. I’ll share with you a natural treatment that has helped many men overcome their ED.

treat ED naturally

Biohack your Brain from ED With Jackie Kilraine

Your brain is the most powerful organ in your body, but it can sometimes work against you. If you’ve ever felt nervous in a high-pressure situation or struggled to calm down before bed, you know it’s like to have an “over-anxious” brain. In men, it can also lead to erectile dysfunction.


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