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I'm Dr. Anne Truong, MD

Dr. Anne Truong is a highly respected physician, best-selling author and internationally sought-after speaker on the topics of regenerative cell medicine, pain management, and applications for aesthetics and sexuality.

In this episode, I discuss with Dr. Charles Runels, the inventor of the Priapus Shot, about premature ejaculation.

We will cover:

  • What is premature ejaculation?
  • Tips to delay ejaculation, you can do immediately with results
  • How does premature ejaculation affect a relationship?
  • How do premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction relate to each other?

Home Remedies For Premature Ejaculation Episode Contents

Home Remedies For Premature Ejaculation Episode Video

Introducing Dr. Charles Runels

Anne: I am here today with a good friend and my mentor, Dr. Charles Runels. And I have the honor of knowing him since 2014 I believe, and I'm looking forward to having him on this show and it is going to be fun. And I'd like to give you a little brief biography, and this will not do him any honor but we'll make it brief to summarize all his achievements.

He's actually an emergency room physician trained in the University of Alabama in Birmingham, and he is trained in internal medicine and also in research. He is well-versed in endocrinology, cosmetic medicine, and sexual medicine. Published in multiple peer review scientific publication in hormone replacement therapy, sexual medicine, immunology, and hypertension, and in cosmetic medicine as well. He is the originator and the founder of the Vampire Facelift, the Priapus Shot, the O-Shot, and the founder of the Cellular Medicine Association which I am a proud member of. And he's the one that taught me all those procedures in 2014.

It has really changed the way I look at doing regenerative medicine in sexual health and have actually changed the trajectory of how I practice regenerative medicine from musculoskeletal orthopedic medicine to sexual health. Over the years now, he has trained over 8,000 physicians on sexual medicine and cosmetic medicine in over 50 countries in his method, and he is still training. He told me that over the years, he maybe missed two training periods on all his travels and everything. He's a dedicated educator, but first and foremost, and I know this for sure, he's a loving father of three sons and a grandfather of one grandson and one expecting in July. He lives in Fairhope, Alabama with his family. I am honored to have Dr. Charles Runels here.

Charles: Well, you're too kind Anne. I know that before we ever met, you were teaching and providing regenerative therapies with stem cells and other strategies, so I'm honored to be on your show.

Anne: Well, we have so much to talk about and you and I can probably sit for hours talking about everything and catching up on life. But today, I want to focus on his new book, which is actually an Amazon bestselling book called Extend Sex with ICU: The 30-Second Trick. Now I'm going to let Dr. Runels explain to you what that means. When I look at it, I was thinking ICU, intensive care unit?

Charles: Well, it's intensive if your marriage is on the rocks, that's for sure.

Dr. Charles’ Background

Charles: Yeah. So maybe a little background first. At heart, I started off as a research chemist and then trained in internal medicine. At heart, I still consider myself a medicine guy. But I think to do good, sexual medicine as you know, you have to understand medicine in general because it's very difficult to have good sex without having good health. And as you know, just to treat the genitalia without thinking about the rest of the body is not doing anyone any favors and it gives not good results.

Charles: So my interest in sex medicine as a professional, not counting my personal like everyone else interest in relationships, came from just seeing what a great need there was for someone to speak to men and women. Different reasons though, women were I think large actually put off by their providers and research backs that up, that if they have the courage to ask the question about their sexuality, the doctor changes the subject. After the first question, 80% of the time and only 14% of women ever even have the conversation, even if 40% of them are having problems. So it's becoming better but they are blocked. And I think a reason for that is that until recently as you know, we didn't have many options for women. We had thirty something FDA approved drugs and devices for men and none for women. And even now the drugs we have… Oh, we still don't have FDA-approved version of testosterone for women. So the two prescription drugs we have are both psych drugs, right?

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Charles: So being an internist, I had this background and started looking for a solution and going deep dive into the research, deep dive, starting two decades ago, which led to me doing hormone replacement for women back in 2000, I was doing pellets before Suzanne Somers wrote that first book and was focusing mainly on women because that's who usually shows up in an internist office. But back 20 years ago if you remember, people were buying their Viagra online and a lot and doctors went to jail for that. And now after COVID, it's legal to buy your Viagra online. It's really sad that physicians went to jail for doing telemedicine 2 decades ago and now it's a thing. But anyways, so men would just get their stuff online but women would come see me when they figured out they had someone who actually would listen and try to diagnose their problem.

The 3 Types Of Women After Procedure

Charles: Back to the book, the thing that happened was after doing the things you know how to do and making the 40-year old woman who's lost her libido feel good again, her sexuality's back, she loses the 40 pounds, she's on the testosterone, the menopausal symptoms are gone, she feels good about her body, everything's working. So here's the problem now. The women come in three flavors, and you know the flavors. After they're well, flavor number one, she loves her husband and he's healthy and his sexuality works great. After she's well, your job is done, they go live happily over after.

Flavor number two, during that time when the woman had the loss of libido and felt bad about herself and was tired and depressed, the husband was abusing her and had three girlfriends on the side and treated her like dirt. Now, when she gets well and loses her way and her sexuality comes back, she's out the door and there's nothing you can do about it, she's gone, she's leaving that man. And so once again, your job as a physician is done. The third flavor bothered me a lot. And this is why I hesitate to even call it a book but it was something that originally I published in 2004, just in a three-ring binder, and it wound up being the best selling sex book on Amazon for a while. But I wrote it for flavor number three. And flavor number three is the woman… I should probably call it category number three because that's probably too…

Anne: You have a very good way of describing things.

Charles: Flavor may be too provocative. I never tasted these women, but you know what I'm saying. So maybe there's a fourth category, but the third category really disturbed me. This is the woman who gets well, she loses her weight, and this gets back to the question about the book.

She loses her weight, now she has good libido, she feels good about herself and she loves her her husband dearly. But there's a problem when she had no libido and he had no libido, there was no mismatch.

But now that she's got her energy back and her sex drive back and he can't keep up, she's very distressed because she doesn't want another man, she wants him, she loves him but now can't keep up with her sex drive. And especially 20 years ago, you couldn't get them to come see you because 20 years ago, guys thought only bodybuilders took hormones and it was somehow a strike against their masculinity if they had to take testosterone or something. And there's a threat of that even now, so you couldn't get them to come see you.

How Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction relate to each other

Charles: And usually the problems men have fell into either assuming that they were in love. And this is again, category number three. And occasionally I'd have a woman ask me just to take her off the hormones.

She loved her husband so dearly should rather not have a sex drive than be wanting some attention that he couldn't take care of, it really bothered me.

But usually the categories were on the men, the reason they couldn't keep up. It was either erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. And assuming the relationship was good and that there was a connection there, these are soulmates. If I could fix that, then I would be done and they could go live happily thereafter.

Charles: And actually, I think the premature ejaculation is the easiest to fix. It's one of those things where I think I got a solution better what's in the literature. And it's partly out of my personal experience, partly out of reading everything in the literature and thinking about it for two decades. And this book that's on Amazon is just a piece of the answer. Actually that book is going to turn into a chapter and a 10-chapter book that I've been working on for two years that's coming unintended. But that'll be probably another six months to a year from now. But this book is the simplest, quickest way I know to help most young men.

Anne: When you say young men, what age range?

Charles: Young enough to where ED is not a problem. Because premature ejaculation… Again, I'm going to tell you my opinion and some of this is backed up by research and some of it isn't yet, the speculation. But it's speculation based on counseling thousands of people. And based on the research, it's not speculation about astronomy, it's based on the science. So if a man loses his erection or has premature ejaculation, and a young man I think it's often because the prostate's just so full, it's like trying to not urinate because your prostate is brimming full. And so a young man, 15, 16 is going to have wet dreams because the prostate just fills up and it spills out in the middle of the night with a wet dream, where of a 70-year old or a 62-year old like me, mine isn't filling as quickly.

Ejaculation And Its Premature Counterpart

Ejaculation and Premature Ejaculation
Photographer: Ludovica Dri

Charles: And so the Chinese talked years ago in the Dow about men having a cycle based on their chronological age or their actual youthfulness of their body and the cycle is if you're ejaculating too much, you become weak and impotent, where if you don't as much and you transmute that energy, you become more thoughtful, more creative and you actually have sex more but to do that, you have to be able to have sex without ejaculating. And that idea's only been around for about 2000 years. If you actually read the research that refutes that, I think the studies are all designed wrong, but anybody who's played football or been in a fight or given a talk knows that if you as a man, I think it's different with women, but as a man, you're not as bright right after you ejaculate. And you're more bright if it's been a long time since you ejaculated. Hence most football coaches will tell their players to stay away from the girlfriend the night before a game and we'll get into the research, but the research is designed wrong I think because that's a different subject.

Anyway, so back to the thing, in an older guy, who's say maybe lost sensation from diabetes or something or just atherosclerosis and he's not as attuned to the sensation, I think in that case, oftentimes premature ejaculation happens just because the man can't tell what's going on. it's like a light switch. I'm not bragging I'm just saying that I'm actually the opposite of bragging. I have one drink. I cannot tell that edge as much. And I can't last as long as I want to last if I've had one drink of alcohol but I don't-

Anne: Well, what do you think about the definition of premature ejaculation? I think is that lasting like… Is it two minutes? Is it inter vaginal less than two minutes?

Charles: Yeah. I think it's total bull I realize that people have to measure something when they do research, you have to measure something. And when you read the studies, it's so frustrating because you'll see, oh, they did a 20% increase in their time to ejaculation, but they went from something like 20% would be, or even they doubled it and they're going three minutes and they went to six. And as you know, many women depending on the day, but oftentimes again, I want to make this right up front. I am not proposing that every sexual encounter becomes some mechanical thing that goes on for hours. That's really a mindless thing that maybe some people think that women want because they watch too much porn, and it could be that a particular woman they want that when the stars are right and she's on vacation, but there's a variation just like with meals.

Sometimes you want a snack, sometimes you want a six-course meal. And so I'm not proposing that the desired thing every time there's a sexual encounter. On the other hand, if your limit is, let's say three minutes, and I can boost you from three up 50%, and now you can go five minutes, four and a half, five minutes. In my opinion for most women, that will be a snack on some days. And so you'll be good on snack days but on the days when she wants a full course buffet with six courses, you're out, you're going to leave her frustrated. And I'm not making this up because again, I have talked to thousands of women and not counting the too many lovers. I'm just going to stay on the professional side. And on the professional side, what I have seen is that women will come into my office and solve and tell me that they're… Women, plural, this is pretty common.

How Premature Ejaculation Affects Relationships

How Premature Ejaculation Affects Relationships
Photographer: Shelby Deeter

Charles: They'll say they're afraid to talk with their husband because they love him, they don't want to hurt his feelings, but that they don't even ever really see the use in starting to encounter because they know they're going to feel frustrated, and that's a learned behavior, it didn't happen the first time or maybe the first 50 times they had sex, but it's a learned behavior. My best metaphor is if every time you crank the car up, the engine died before you got around the block, you would give up on driving to the store with that particular car, you'd go find another car that would get you all the way to the store. And so they quit even wanting to crank the engine. And now the relationship's strained and here's this man they used to dearly love or want to dearly love, the father of their children, and they feel frustrated and they start taking a closer look at the guy cutting the grass or delivering the UPS boxes and it turns into a problem.

So that's too long of an answer I know, but I think the definition of premature ejaculation, not for research purposes perhaps, although it could be done, but for individual people, which is what we do, is we take care of individual people. We do research, but most is, can you provide sexual intercourse for as long as your spouse and you desire on any particular day? And that might be 30 seconds on Monday, and it might be three hours on Saturday. Now, the other thing that's important about ED and premature ejaculation, and this will be one of the chapters in the book. I want this to be just reference packed is that aerobic capacity counts VO2 max counts. And sexual intercourse, I'm not talking circus sex, just regular sexual intercourse uses about the same amount of oxygen consumption as walking, not running, but walking upstairs.

Anne: How long? How many flights of stairs?

Charles: Well, that's just it. If you want to know how long a man is good for in bed, take him to bed, go to some tourist attraction where you have to walk upstairs and watch how long he can walk up the stairs before he becomes out of breath. And that's how long he's going to last in bed.

Anne: Oh my God! Women. I hope you listen to that and men too. So if he can only walk up two flights of stairs-

Charles: Well, time. If he starts to get sitter out of breath after five minutes, you got a five-minute guy on your hands. And doesn't mean he can't take a break and eat a pretzel and go back at it after a break, but if you want more than five minutes, you need somebody to walk up, walk, not run upstairs for whatever time you want to be in bed. And I used to live in Birmingham and that's where I went to school and worked as a research chemist, and I lived at the foot of a statue that's there, it's a statue of some Greek God Vulcan, it's what they call it. But the picture of miniature version of the statue of liberty or something, is so I would run up the hill and run up those stairs because I knew that statistic even as a college kid, and not all, okay, I'm good to go

Anne: Alright. So let me ask a first question. How many stairs can you run up without getting tired then?

Charles: I don't know.
Anne: Infinite.

Charles: Yeah. I'm not this way now. I used to do marathons and triathlons, but I've never stopped. I can go while walking, we'll leave it at that.

Anne: That doesn't surprise me.

Simple Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

Simple Remedies For Premature Ejaculation
Photographer: Kate Hliznitsova

Charles: But my first book that I put out women would tell me, oh, when my husband read that he started walking and he lost weight and he's healthier, and sure enough, our sex life is better, but that's a statistic that most people don't know. And so one cause of premature ejaculation, is just the blood gets shunted it away from the penis if your muscles are going anaerobic, because the vasculature is going to shunt it to whatever's active. And if your thigh and your abdomen are becoming anaerobic because your VO2 max or your anaerobic threshold and your VO2 max are not athletic, well, you're going to give out. You're either have ED or you'll have premature ejaculation. So there's a lot more to it than… This book is one chapter of the coming book, but the reason I started with it's the easiest thing.

I don't mind revealing the secret of it. If you want it to know more, obviously you can get more details about implementation in the book, but not that much more, it's a pretty simple idea. And this one I haven't read and I've seen hands of it in the literature, mostly in the surgical literature, but this one I actually discovered in high school. I have one little story about how I figured this out. So I actually finished high school as a Virgin and I always worked a lot. I always had at least three jobs in high school plus school and not saying this one was a Virgin, but I stayed busy. But the summer between high school and college I had a sweet girl then we figured out these birds and bees. And the first time I had sex, I…

Anne: How old were you then?

Charles: I don't know, 17, 18, whatever it is, when you finish high school. It lasted maybe a minute. And I said, "This is too good to just last a minute." So one of my nicknames in high school was professors, so I admitted, I just read a lot. So I went and everything I could find on sex, everywhere I could find it. And I don't know, I wish I could remember if I read this or if I just figured it out, because I've gone back now that I'm grown and I cannot find this written anywhere, which is why I started with this tip in this book. I can't find it anywhere, nowhere, none of the research, but I'm telling you it's the simplest little thing.

Simple Tip To Last Longer

Charles: So what I found is that if my bladder, there's a crossover in the innovation, and if my bladder were completely empty, if I completely emptied it, I could last long. And when I mean completely, I mean you empty your bladder and then you shiver and a few more drops come out, that empty. And now if you have long sex, your bladder's going to fill up again, you have to do it again. But because especially if you're drinking lots of fluids, alcohol or not, but if you're 30 minutes hour in, you're going to need to go empty it again.

Anne: Well, they both share the sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic nervous system.

Charles: Exactly.

Anne: So point and shoot, so parasympathetic is for erection and sympathetic is for ejaculation. So it parasympathetic relaxes the bladder, so you got to have a relaxed bladder wen we have an erection.

Charles: It's true.

Anne: And you're absolutely right. If you have some urine in there, you're going to stimulate some contraction of the bladder.

Charles: And the opposite is if your bladder's full, and speaking metaphorically and not your bladder, but if a man's bladder is full, it's more difficult to control ejaculation, much more difficult. Now here's the other part that I noticed, and this will be coming hint about it in this current book. So that's the 30-second trick, is you empty your bladder completely. And sometimes, especially if you're extremely aroused and you start to have sex, five seconds later, if you feel like, oh, I'm about to ejaculate, it might be two drops into it again. And now you've got some of the things like, okay, that's going to leave my lover frustrated. So that's some of the things I get into in the book, some of the mechanics of it, but it might take two or three times of that and then something happens.

Charles: And this is the other thing that I've not seen in the literature, nowhere. You're ready for this?

Anne: Yes.

Charles: That same thing, and I know everybody's experienced this, you're in the car, I call it the safe zones. You're in the car and you think if you don't get to the bathroom in the next five minutes, you're going to just make a puddle, but there's no place to stop, you're calling traffic, you can't stop and five minutes goes by, 30 minutes goes by. And then something switches and the urge goes down, have you experienced that?

Anne: Yes.

Charles: But then you get out of the car when you finally get to the bathroom, and now it's this urge incontinence where once you see the door of the bathroom… I think it's called keyhole incontinence or something. But once you see the door, now you can't hardly keep from having a urination. Everybody has, anybody that's driven across a long way. Here's the thing that I've never seen written, that same thing applies to ejaculation. And so although it may be frustrating for a man who's prone to premature ejaculation, if he can go through that and other tips that I offer in my book and coming books and reach to a certain point, even though he's been having sex longer, it's usually I found somewhere around a 10-minute mark.

Research About Premature Ejaculation

Charles: So let's pass what they consider to be premature ejaculation in the research, so you're into extended sex, but for sure past the usual five minutes, probably more like 10 to 15 minutes in. And I don't mean continuous mechanical stuff, but mostly penis and vagina sex and you're 10 or 15 minutes in, it's a dance and the dance is made up based on your lover's response, you're listening to her, you're watching her, sometimes the dance is the tango and sometimes it's so dancing, but there's an art to it. And so as you're responding to your lover, I don't mean some mechanical Jack hammer thing that's going on for 15 minutes. But mostly genital contact, it does the same thing, it switches off.

For some reason you can reach this safe zone where now, and you'll feel it, the urge goes away boom! You can accelerate the pace for a while and then it comes in a wave and then it'll come back. So I don't think most people know that's even there, maybe they've experienced and just doctors haven't written about it. I don't know about you but when I look around the room at the meetings where doctors meet to talk about sex, I get the feeling. Many of them are not having good sex.

Anne: You'll possibly cover you right?

Charles: I'll give you an example. I went to a meeting once where one of the people on the podium, it was a meeting of gynecologists and one of the people in the podium, a man, made the statement that, if you're talking about even post-menopausal women, because it was a meeting about women who are maturing. He says, "If you're doing things right, a woman should not need lubrication. Now this is a meeting of people specializing in sex. And I heard somewhat of a rumble because it was a mostly woman CR gynecologist crowd, and I wanted to raise my hand and say, well, maybe that's true if you're only lasting two minutes in bed. But what I would say is when you're 30 minutes in and the bed's covered in sweat and cum and urine and tears, give the girl a little KY so she can keep going, that's kind of my, what I'm thinking.

So when I look around and even when I read the literature and people are bragging about going from two minutes to three minutes, I'm thinking, okay, it looks good in numbers, but I think you're doing too much math and not enough sex because that doesn't really count for much.

Anne: Oh my God. But mostly we know that it takes women at least 15 to 20 minutes to even get aroused to even get going. So it takes 15 to 20 minutes for women. So I can't believe somebody to even make that type of statement. I hope you did raise your hand and say something but anyway you're too polite to say anything.

Charles: Well, some people, you never argue with a closed mind. And I thought they might make that statement from the podium. I can't even have a conversation with that person.

About Our Guest, Dr. Charles Runels

Emergency room physician trained in the University of Alabama in Birmingham, trained in internal medicine and also in research. He is well-versed in endocrinology, cosmetic medicine, and sexual medicine. Published in multiple peer review scientific publication in hormone replacement therapy, sexual medicine, immunology, and hypertension, and in cosmetic medicine as well. He is the originator and the founder of the Vampire Facelift, the Priapus Shot, the O-Shot, and the founder of the Cellular Medicine Association

Link to his book; Extend Sex with ICU: The 30-Second Trick


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