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I'm Dr. Anne Truong, MD

Dr. Anne Truong is a highly respected physician, best-selling author and internationally sought-after speaker on the topics of regenerative cell medicine, pain management, and applications for aesthetics and sexuality.

Testosterone is an important hormone recognized for its roles in giving men male features and functions. However, it also plays a role in mental health. Research indicates that testosterone may control not only symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but also other conditions that impact masculine mentality. As such, understanding and improving testosterone levels could impact the aging process, with evidence that it can be used as an anti-aging tool. How does that work?

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone produced, mainly, in the testicles. It helps with fat distribution, bone density, muscle strength, and facial and body hair. It also plays a role in red blood cell production, sperm production, and sex drive. In a healthy male with balanced hormone levels, it works to keep you feeling strong, healthy, and sharp.
Over time, testosterone levels change. Many would say it is a natural part of the aging process, but that doesn’t always have to be. As you get older, the amount of testosterone present begins to drop, generally at a slow rate. After age 30 to 40, most men will see levels drop about one percent each year.  Older men may have very low testosterone levels.
In some men, hypogonadism occurs. This is a condition in which the body is unable to produce the right amount of hormone due to a problem within the testicles. If you have early levels of declining testosterone, your doctor is likely to focus on identifying any concerns like this.

What Happens When Testosterone Levels Begin to Drop?

Initially, many men don’t notice the initial drops in testosterone levels. However, they are at their peak during your teen and young adult years. You may be able to recognize the changes in your body since that time. Your muscles may not be as large or tight, your midsection has a bit more fat on it than it used to, and you may not be as agile as you used to be. There are many other changes that occur as well, though, and you may not always notice them.
As testosterone levels decrease, the rate of drop can be so minimal that you don’t notice it at all. However, some key indicators include the following:

  • You may have reduced sexual desire. You may have fewer instances of spontaneous erections.
  • You may have some concerns over fertility.
  • Some people develop insomnia or other difficulties with sleep quality.
  • You may notice increased areas of body fat.
  • Your muscle mass is not as easy to build.
  • You have some evidence of body hair loss.
  • Your energy levels are lower.
  • You may have changes in your motivation and self-confidence.
  • You have trouble with concentration and accomplishing tasks.

There are many other factors that can cause these symptoms, including medications you are taking or stress. However, if you notice them, it’s important to have your testosterone levels checked.

What Can Happen if You Treat Low Testosterone Levels?

Let’s say you have a blood test that shows your testosterone levels are starting to drop. This is when testosterone therapy can help to give you the anti-aging boost you may need. It’s called testosterone therapy.
Testosterone therapy can work to minimize all of these changes. If you have hypogonadism, it can help to reverse some of the effects you have with this condition. However, it can benefit men who are experiencing these types of aging changes even outside of this condition. This type of therapy may help you to:

  • See more energy production
  • Gain back some of your sexual interest
  • Improve erectile dysfunction (be sure to look into shock wave for more insight)
  • Gain more confidence in yourself
  • Improve muscle mass gain after working out
  • Improve overall vitality

In many ways, testosterone that’s well-balanced and maintained can directly provide an anti-aging treatment for men. If you have any of the symptoms of lower testosterone, it may be an important time for you to consider having them tested so that preventative measures can be taken to protect your aging process. Gain the confidence you need.

At the Truong Rehabilitation Center, we’re working with clients who are seeing significant improvement in their health and wellbeing by working towards balancing testosterone levels. For some, its life-changing. For most, it’s an opportunity to regain some of your youthful prowess back.

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