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I'm Dr. Anne Truong, MD

Dr. Anne Truong is a highly respected physician, best-selling author and internationally sought-after speaker on the topics of regenerative cell medicine, pain management, and applications for aesthetics and sexuality.

Jelging is a self massage for erectile dysfunction  that involves stretching the penis.  It involves specific massaging methods that are meant to help elongate the penis. The premise is that while using this technique, it is possible to create small tears at a microscopic level to the tissues present. As a result, there is an increase in blood flow to the area and, over time, it stretches the tissues of the penis itself, improving the length of it.

A Holistic Treatment Option

Jelging is a holistic and non-invasive treatment. It does not require the use of any type of medication to work, which is why many people who do not have access to other types of treatments may consider this treatment option. Used for years in the Middle East, it is now becoming more well known around the world. There is some evidence that it can work well for some men. For others, it may not provide any real improvement.

How Does Jelging Work?

There are few, if any, studies on whether or not jelging works. Some people claim that this procedure is highly effective in providing them with longer erections. It is evident that, in order for it to work, it must be done in the proper method and with enough force to create the microtears necessary to change the tissues present.

For those who are considering jelging, it is best for it to be done with the help and oversight of a doctor who can ensure no damage is done to the penis in the process. For those who are unable to reach a full erection, working with a doctor who can answer questions about this is the best possible step. That is because this procedure may not work for those who have other reasons for struggling with erectile dysfunction. Having a full exam, then, is very important.

Is Jelging Safe to Do?

It is best to have a doctor help with the procedure to minimize risks. When it is done properly, it is not likely to cause any damage, and it should not cause any pain. You may notice some bruising and damage to the tissues of the skin of the penis, but this is considered normal. You do not want to do this without a doctor’s help as too much force could make it hard to get erections later.

Who Can Benefit from Jelging?

Many men are unhappy with the length of their erect penis. There are various reasons this can happen, including simply genetics. While there are penis enlargement methods available, some may be more effective for you than others. If you are not happy with the length of your erection, you should consider the benefits that jelging can offer.

Keep in mind that this procedure will not help all men experiencing length concerns. Specifically, if you have a buildup of plaque in the penis or you have erectile dysfunction brought on by heart problems or other illnesses, this procedure may not be very effective for you. Many men will need to address those issues before they can consider adding length.

Jelging Is One Option

Work with your doctor to determine if jelging is the right treatment option for your needs. If you are unsure if it is right for you, there may be other methods of penile enlargement. Some men, for example, benefit from the use of stem cells and platelet rich plasma. Others may benefit from other procedures, including the use of fat from the buttocks to create more tissue.

What Should You Do?

If you think that jelging could be right to you, call your doctor as a first step. Learn about the risks and how well it will help in your specific situation. Many men will find that this is a non-invasive solution that can work for them.

For many men with the goal of enlargement of the penis, jelging may be an effective option. It is safe to do and, without many risks involved, it is worth considering for those that wish to see significant results. Getting a professional with experience in this procedure is perhaps the most important step. If this method does not work for you for any reason, there may be other treatment options that can help.

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