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Breathing and Erectile Dysfunction

The Surprising Link Between Breathing and Erectile Dysfunction

Approximately one-third of men experience erectile dysfunction (ED), a condition that can have a significant impact on quality of life. While the cause of ED is often attributed to issues surrounding manhood, other factors such as anxiety, stress, mental health, blood pressure and even breathing patterns may contribute. This episode will explore how breathing habits can affect sexual life and provide guidance on steps that can be taken to address it.

How Not To Lower Your Nitric Oxide Levels

Say Goodbye to ED: How Not To Lower Your Nitric Oxide Levels

Nitric oxide is a gas that helps relax the smooth muscle tissue of your penis and increase blood flow. If your nitric oxide levels are low, it can lead to Erectile Dysfunction. Dive into the episode as I discuss how to not lower your nitric oxide levels in order to help prevent ED. Follow these tips, make lifestyle changes, maintain healthy nitric oxide levels, and say goodbye to ED!

Diabetes Could Be Stealing Your Love Life cover

Diabetes Could Be Stealing Your Love Life

Did you know the simple act of eating or drinking something sugary could lead to complications with erectile function? It’s true! In fact, having ED is often a warning sign that something is affecting your blood and blood flow. When it comes to ED, diabetes can be a significant contributor to your issues. Studies from The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men with diabetes are more likely to get ED a decade before men without.

One Diet Change Away from a Better Erection cover

One Diet Change Away from a Better Erection

If you’re looking for a way to improve your sex life, but your erection is just not what you want it to be, read this before you start taking those pills! Over-the-counter medications often worsen ED by treating the symptoms rather than the source.

treat ED naturally

Sexual Health Supplements and Foods

Here’s what every man needs to know about validated and researched sexual health supplements and foods to help with ED! In this brand new recording, Dr. Anne Truong will discuss validated and researched supplements and foods to help with ED. Don’t continue to waste money on online supplements that may not work. Listen to this episode to find out. Plus, you will learn what food to spice up the bedroom.


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